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Looking for something to do today, tomorrow or even this weekend? Scroll through our Events Calendar and see what is going on in Boca Raton and some of our surrounding neighborhoods. If you see an event you’ve been to before and would like to offer some feedback or advice for attending, please feel free to write a review. I’m sure our readers would appreciate some inside info! Or, if you know of an upcoming fair, festival, events, etc. and don’t see it here, please send me the name and any contact information and I will be sure to include it ASAP. So, grab the kids, enjoy and Embrace the Madness.

February 2016

Mon, Feb 1

Tue, Feb 2

Wed, Feb 3

6:00 PM

Thu, Feb 4

Fri, Feb 5

Sat, Feb 6

11:30 AM

Sun, Feb 7

Mon, Feb 8

Tue, Feb 9

Wed, Feb 10

6:00 PM

Thu, Feb 11

Fri, Feb 12

Sat, Feb 13

11:30 AM

Sun, Feb 14

Mon, Feb 15

Tue, Feb 16

Wed, Feb 17

6:00 PM

Thu, Feb 18

Fri, Feb 19

Sat, Feb 20

11:30 AM

Sun, Feb 21

Mon, Feb 22

Tue, Feb 23

Wed, Feb 24

6:00 PM

Thu, Feb 25

Fri, Feb 26

Sat, Feb 27

11:30 AM

Sun, Feb 28

Mon, Feb 29

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