Preschools and Mommy & Me

Heads up Moms, Dads and Caregivers, many spring programs are starting this week so check in with your favorite community centers for dates and registration. Sports, art and music are just a few of the programs being offered for the next two months so don't miss out. Additionally, if you haven't settled on a preschool or daycare program for the fall, please make sure you get busy on that as the schools/centers will be closing by the end of next month and you definitley want to tour these places while they are in session. Even if they are open for camp programs bare in mind the camp programs are run entirely differently than the school programs. I'd like to say that my vendor list is totally complete, but I'm pretty sure I may have missed a few, so if you know of a program I have not included, please feel free to forward me their information and I will contact them directly. Additionally, any rating(s) you could add to the site for this section would be great as "new" moms would really appreciate a "seasoned" mom's feedback. Enjoy the site and Embrace the Madness