After School Programs

"Aaargh ye mateys, if pirates be yar thing" then you may want to check out the new exhibit at the Cornell Museum of Art and American Culture at Old School Square, 51 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach. Their new summer exhibit showcases "Ahoy Maitz! Pirates and Treasures", which runs through October. Celebrate the myths and legends through the paintings of the award-winning artist Don Maitz, who is best known for creating the original Captain Morgan Spiced Rum character. Maitz's work has been featured on the History Channel, "Dateline NBC", the "Today Show" and "Ripley's Believe It Or Not." Additionally, the new Young at Art Museum in Davie opened this month and one reader of our site has already commented. The costs have been updated on the site and I am already planning a visit as it sounds amazing! If you know of any additional happenings for this category and would like me to include them, please feel free to forward me their information and I will contact them. Enjoy the section and Embrace the Madness.